Cool Tools

December '23

I’m not sure how many of us actually use a knife while working as opposed to a utility blade, but I know we all have things to sharpen. Whether it’s a pair of scissors, pocket knife, or a tool this thing can sharpen it. I’ve seen lots of advertisements for knife sharpeners because of the Christmas holidays, but I’m not sure they’ll have the same satisfaction rating as this.  Coming with multiple belts with different coarseness this sharpener is read to tackle the most challenging blade edge.

Additionally, there is a knob to adjust the angle of the blade so you can get the perfect edge. If you wear out the belt, no problem, you can pick up more.

blade sharpener

November '23

How often have you tried to use a screwdriver (especially for those tiny screws) only to have them fall off? What about dropping a screw into a small opening and you can’t fish it out? We all know that magnetized bits exist and magnet telescopic tools can be purchased but why replace an entire set of driver bits when you don’t have to? Introducing the tool that magnetizes (or demagnetizes) your steel tool. This is the perfect helper to assist when trying to handle those pesky screws that are the size of a tic-tac. Those of us with fat fingers can relate. Just slide it over the shaft of the tool and you’re ready!

October '23

I’ve always felt just a little shaky on a ladder but these two products would have made me much more comfortable during my projects.


How many times have you gotten off a roof hoping to God that you weren’t going to lean to far forward on the ladder making the bottom slide out or lean to far to one side ending up like Clark Griswold? The Lock Jaw Ladder Grip will help with this and steady the ladder as you are climbing on and off the roof to clean gutters, fix a shingle, or retrieve a frisbee.


Along the same lines of ladder safety, the PiVit Ladder Tool is one of the most helpful and versatile tools you can purchase. It’s uses include leveling the surface for the base of a ladder, acting as the base for a scaffolding board, and holding materials while you work.

safety ladder
Tape Measure

September '23

Looking to quickly transition from measure a small space and then a much larger space? Annoyed that you only have a 50′ tape that doesn’t reach. Look no further than this Prexiso 2-in-1 tape measure. This will help you more quickly plan your floor layouts, calculate square footage, etc.

While the tape is only 16′ long, you won’t need the extra length because the laser measures up to 135′. 

At a price of $49 it’s worth adding this to your portfolio of tools.

August '23

How many times have you wanted to see what was behind a wall without tearing it apart, the HVAC system, or what’s clogging your pipe? It can be frustrating when you are just guessing what the problem is. This tool helps you to see exactly what the problem is.  You may have never thought about adding a camera to your “toolbox” but I’m guessing you might ask yourself how you made it this far without it once you start using it. For those of us who will only use it a couple times a year, this endoscope camera is an inexpensive version of a tool that can cost hundreds or more. The waterproof and LED are features that make this versatile for many uses. One of the best parts is that it has it’s own screen, which means not fussing with downloading an app on your phone and trying to get it synced.

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